Fox News Panel Blasts Lib Media for Turning Baghdadi Raid Against Trump

Nicholas Fondacaro | November 3, 2019
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Following a week of the liberal media trying desperately to discredit America and President Trump’s win with the elimination of ISIS founder and leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the panel on Fox News’s MediaBuzz took them to task for being “stupid,” trying to make it a “glass-half-empty” situation, and hyperventilating about a meme.

Host Howard Kurtz began the segment of his Sunday show by playing clips of liberal media folks losing it over how graphic Trump was in describing the raid during a press conference last Sunday.

They used it as basically a way to find some negative in the story,” explained Federalist culture editor Emily Jashinsky. She felt it was “a case study in the media's intense bias against Donald Trump;” pointing out how “they turned what should have been a day of coverage, especially that day in particular, glass-half-full into glass-half-empty.

Referring to clips Kurtz played of disapproving MSNBC hosts, (including Joe Scarborough suggesting Trump “sounded like Saddam Hussein after torturing people”) Jashinsky decried their reaction as “atrociously over the top.” She didn’t feel that Trump’s press conference “was beyond any line, anything like that.” “So, the coverage of this was particularly disgusting,” she added.


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