On Fox News, Dave Rubin Points Out Double Standards Regarding Silicon Valley Censorship

Ryan Foley | May 8, 2019
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On Tucker Carlson Tonight Tuesday, YouTube personality Dave Rubin reacted to the harassment of pro-life protesters by a Pennsylvania State Representative.  Rubin pointed out that "he used Periscope, which is a Twitter video app, to broadcast that video. Now, you're not allowed to dox people according to the Twitter terms of service. So it's not just that the Democrats won't say anything...and it's not just that CNN's not going to run the story...It's that the tech companies aren't going to ban him." After mentioning that Twitter had suspended conservative David Horowitz, Rubin concluded that double standards exist "not only when it comes to how the media deals with these people but also the tech companies." Rubin weighed in on the media blackout of the story later in the conversation, pointing out that if "he was a conservative or a Republican or anyone that remotely leaned right or was anything other than a full-on leftist progressive and he was doing the exact same thing, the media would be having a field day."

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