Fox News Calls Out Media’s Doting Praise of Biden on Russia for Nothing

Nicholas Fondacaro | June 13, 2021
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With President Biden in Europe for his first overseas diplomatic mission to the G7 summit, the liberal media have been tripping over themselves to put out doting the reports that glorify the pointless and empty spectacle and overtures. Touching on this fact Sunday, Fox News Channel’s MediaBuzz highlighted a recent Time magazine cover that touted Biden for standing up to Russian President Vladimir Putin despite the fact he had arguably done nothing of substance so far.

Speaking to guest Ben Domenech, co-founder of The Federalist, anchor Howard Kurtz called out Time’s double standard on how they depicted former President Trump on their covers.

“We see Biden in the aviator glasses looking kind of cool. And let's contrast with one of many Time covers about President Trump, he was always depicted as kind of an orange blob. The headline of this week’s issue is ‘Biden is taking on Putin,’” he said.

Kurtz then noted that Time gifted Biden that flattering cover despite him not really doing anything to deserve it.


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