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FNC's Ingraham: Russia Collusion Narrative is 'Like an Addiction' for the Media


On The Ingraham Angle Friday night, host Laura Ingraham and her panel discussed the media's "worst offenders of the week," specifically focusing on the post-Mueller report meltdowns that have engulfed the fourth estate.  Fox News Contributor Tammy Bruce talked about how "the media has been relying on the phrases like the walls are closing in. You know? They're coming in to get him. His whole family's going to walk out in handcuffs. And normally, you would think that this is someone who's saying this to their psychiatrist in the shrink's office but no, they've been saying it on television. And now with the reality of it, it is almost pathological at this point." Ingraham closed the segment by arguing that the media "need to go to some type of rehabilitation program or spa treatment or rehab...They've got to be able to shake this. This is like an addiction for them."

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