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FNC's Ingraham: The Media Are 'Absolutely Incapable of Covering...Anything...the President Does to Try to Restore Our Country'


During Thursday's edition of The Ingraham Angle, host Laura Ingraham highlighted the media blackout on a new executive order signed by President Trump designed to help underprivileged areas.  Ingraham pointed out that "the press did find one angle on the opportunity zone," referring to an NBC News article suggesting that Jared Kushner and President Trump only support the "opportunity zones" set up by the executive order because "they'll make money off their own real estate holdings." After playing an audio clip of HUD Secretary Ben Carson refuting those claims on her radio show, Ingraham slammed the media, arguing that they have proven themselves "absolutely incapable of covering virtually anything about the work the President does to try to restore our country," in addition to demonstrating "not even an inkling of objectivity." 

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