FNC's Gutfeld Offers Humorous Take on Media's Sudden Respect for Romney


During Wednesday's edition of The Five, co-host Greg Gutfeld delivered a monologue addressing Utah Senator-elect Mitt Romney's op-ed offering scathing criticism of President Trump's character.  According to Gutfeld, "Mitt's still mad about Trump and The Washington Post and CNN will let him cry on their shoulder...it's tempting for Mitt. It feels good to get hugs from a media that once branded you a sexist bully who hurts dogs and kept women in binders; a press that joined Obama's dry laugh when Mitt said 'just maybe, Russia is a problem.'"  Gutfeld continued: "but this attention is just strange new respect that's gone by tomorrow. The media may pretend to like you because you hate Trump, but they're just using you. Don't forget the media was brutal to Mitt to, as they are to anyone right of Castro."  Gutfeld then made the argument that the media would have been equally tough on any other Republican President: "Jeb would be called a warmonger and Rubio a misogynist."  After joking that "to the press, the only acceptable Republican is an ex-Republican," accompanied by a picture of Joe Scarborough, Gutfeld concluded: "So Mitt, that warm glow you feel from the left isn't true love, it's a bug zapper. They'll pull you in as long as you diss Trump but only until it's time for them to fry your a**."

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