FNC's Fox and Friends Covers Dem Joke About Donald Trump Dying

Geoffrey | August 20, 2018
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Fox News covered Democratic Rep. Alcee Hastings making a disgusting joke about Donald Trump dying in the Potomac River. The following is from the August 20 edition of FNC’s Fox and Friends:

CO-HOST AINSLEY EARHARDT: Also yesterday there was a Democratic rally, “Stronger Together” rally down in the state of Florida. And one of the congressman down there Alcee Hastings made a very disturbing joke. Keep in mind he is a Democrat from Florida. He made this very disturbing joke at that rally. Listen.

[Begin clip]

REP. ALCEE HASTINGS: I will tell you one joke. Do you know the difference between a crisis and a catastrophe? A crisis is if Donald Trump falls into the Potomac river and he can’t swim. And he says a catastrophe is anybody saves his [bleep].

[End clip]

CO-HOST STEVE DOOCY: Well that just goes to show you the tenor of political discourse these days. Where he is making a joke about – you know I don’t think he ever thought it would go public but obviously everybody’s got camera phones these days, everything always goes public.

CO-HOST BRIAN KILMEADE: Steve, he is at the podium with a microphone in front of an audience you have to assume it’s gonna go public.

DOOCY: Not necessarily.

KILMEADE: For him, what is he trying to do there? Is he trying to galvanize people against Trump. I’m pretty sure the Democrats are galvanized. Saying something inappropriate? I mean obviously he wrote that ahead of time.

EARHARDT: That he prefers the President drown? Drown in the Potomac River. The double standard. Imagine if a Republican said that about a Democrat in office. Imagine if a Republican stood at a podium and said that about the president, President Obama? The last administration. What would be the outcry? Would it be all over the other networks?


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