FNC Panel: Media Have Embraced Pelosi, Hoping She Has 'The Magical Combination for the Rubik's Cube That Will be the President's Undoing'

Ryan Foley | May 25, 2019
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On Friday's edition of The Five, co-host Greg Gutfeld reacted to the media's embrace of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as she has gone toe-to-toe with President Trump: "it is another lesson for American viewers about the media and...the direction the media takes," asking "who do they mimic? Who do they champion?" Gutfeld answered his own question by listing off more examples of media malpractice: "you go back to the attacks on Kavanaugh, as a mob, the elevation of Smollett, the elevation of Avenatti."  According to Gutfeld, "now Pelosi is kind of like their Avenatti, it's like they switch out one Trump-killer for another Trump-killer because this Trump-killer didn't work, right?" Gutfeld concluded that the media feel like "Pelosi's going to be the one" to take down President Trump before reiterating that "Avenatti, Smollett, none of this stuff is working so they have to keep trying new ones." Guest co-host Kennedy offered her own analysis on the media: "they invest hopes in a new titan pretty much quarterly...it's a new person that they're hoping that they will have the magical combination for the Rubik's cube that will be the President's undoing."

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