Flummoxed by How Denigrating GOP Positions Makes Journalists Seem Biased

Brent Baker | October 11, 2021
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Veteran journalist James Fallows expressed frustration with how telling the realityy about how awful Republicans are, in opposing President Joe Biden, makes the media seem “unbalanced” and as if journalists are taking a side. 

Appearing on CNN’s Reliable Sources, the national correspondent for The Atlantic, rued “the struggle” for journalists who must blame Biden’s opponents for misbehaving, yet journalists must be “conscience of seeming to take a side,” so we need to figure out how to “give out a narrative of the actual realities, recognizing how this is at odds with our conventions.” 

David Zurawik, now a professor at Goucher College after many years with the Baltimore Sun, chimed in to agree: “Amen. That’s great.”

>> This video was clipped to illustrate Paul Bedard's October 11 Liberal Media Scream for the Washington Examiner <<

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