FLASHBACK: CNN Loved Durham Investigations When They Involved Bush

Nicholas Fondacaro | February 15, 2022
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With the liberal media either downplaying the bombshell revelations from Special Counsel John Durham’s investigation into the Russia collusion hoax, raging at them, or just plain ignoring them, it’s worth looking back at how they used to celebrate his investigations. Because back in 2008, they had high hopes for his investigation into then-President George W. Bush’s CIA after interrogation tapes were destroyed.

During an appearance on The Situation Room on January 2, 2008, former CNN host Jack Cafferty wasn’t sure that Durham would get to the bottom of what happened to the tapes. But then-senior legal analyst (now-chief and infamous Zoom masturbator) Jeffrey Toobin stepped up to the plate to defend Durham and sing his praises as a prosecutor.


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