FLASHBACK: CBS Admitted Assault Weapons Ban Didn't Stop Columbine

Geoffrey | February 22, 2018
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Full blog posted on NewsBusters.

On the August 1, 1999 edition of 60 Minutes, Stahl introduced the segment:

“When Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold shot their way into Columbine High School in Colorado a few months ago, one of the guns in their arsenal was a powerful pistol called a TEC-9. That’s one of the guns supposedly outlawed by the assault-weapons ban, passed by Congress and signed by President Clinton back in 1994. So how were they able to get ahold of a banned gun? Well, as we found when we first aired this story in 1995, this ban wasn’t really a ban at all. One gun dealer in Kentucky, Bill Perkins, went so far as to call the law a joke.”