Fireworks: Ferguson Battles Stacked Liberal CNN Panel Over ESPN’s Hill, Hysteria Over WH Reaction

Curtis Houck | September 15, 2017
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See more in the cross-post on the NewsBusters blog.

Stelter complained that “conservatives are attacking ESPN and saying it's got a liberal bias...for many months” even though, in reality, they do. While the President cited ratings, the better evidence of ESPN’s demise has to do with the loss of subscribers and the layoffs.

Nonetheless, Stelter continued with a crazy line of thinking that we should sympathize with Hill’s comments because “a big part of the country agrees with her”:

It’s putting ESPN in a really tough spot. They say you cannot just stick to sports because sports are political. There’s a lot of political issues to cover. I think if Jemele Hill written an essay for her Sportscenter about this topic and it had read by her bosses and edited by and approved at a time, there wouldn’t have been this conversation.  The difference is spouted off on Twitter in a moment of passion, but I think we need to recognize. There’s a big part of the country that agrees with her, that feels the way she does and she is channeling that emotion and I think it’s hard for other folks to recognize that sometimes.

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