Federalist’s Hemingway Owns Susan Page on Kavanaugh Smear Campaign


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Federalist senior editor Mollie Hemingway has become an undisputed authority on the matter of Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation process and the liberal media’s lies and obfuscation of the facts. So, it should come as no surprise when she completely dominated USA Today D.C. bureau chief Susan Page when she tied to defend The New York Times’ latest salvo of poorly sourced and discredited accusations against the Associate Justice.

After anchor Bret Baier gave the rundown on what was going on with the story during Monday’s Special Report, Hemingway rightfully boasted of how she broke the story of The New York Times’ willful omission of key facts (click “expand):

MOLLIE HEMINGWAY: I think I actually broke the news that they had not included what was in book. Which is that the alleged victim of the incident had said through several friends that she does not remember any such thing. That was not included in this explosive New York Times story. It seemed relevant. And they finally added that correction late last night.

BAIER: Do think that they would have added it have you not found that in that book?

HEMINGWAY: I think it'd be absurd to think they would have added it. It seems intentional.

One of those facts that seemed intentionally left out was that “the person supposedly making the allegation was yet another Clinton related attorney [Max Stier].”

Despite admitting that she wasn’t aware that Stier was a Clinton flack, Page actually defended him as a reputable source.


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