Fake News: Rachel Maddow Invents Missing Trump Inauguration Funds

Nicholas Fondacaro | April 21, 2017
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A little over a month since her overhyped non-scandal involving President Trump’s tax returns, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow took to her show Thursday night to invent a controversy involving ‘missing’ Trump inauguration funds. “We raised a question about $107 million that appears to be sloshing around right now somewhere inside the Trump administration, with nobody accounting for it,” she claimed near the top of the show. Her claim that money was “sloshing around” somewhere was based solely on her criticism of the inauguration being nowhere near as great as President Obama’s.

Before slamming Trump’s inauguration, Maddow glorified Obama’s first inauguration in 2009:

This was the first Obama inauguration in 2009. It was immense, biggest ever inauguration, biggest ever event of any kind in the city of Washington, D.C. To pull off that inauguration, the Obama inaugural committee raised more money than had ever been raised before for an inauguration they raised tens of millions of dollars, they raised $53 million just for the inauguration. That broke all previous records for inauguration fundraising. And it broke those records by a lot.

According to Maddow, Obama’s inauguration cost somewhere around $50 million. “But let me say again, that was -- that was a really big, really unusually big inauguration,” she asserted.

“Just as a matter of fact, it was much, much smaller than the one we saw in 2009, and it was of a different character,” she mocked. She then proceeded to completely lie and misrepresent the acts that performed. “There were no mega concerts. There were no internationally known celebrity performers flying in and having hundreds of thousands of people turned out to see them,” she chided, “I mean, the entertainment for the Trump inauguration was like, you know, middle school bands and baton twirlers, which is cool.”