Fail: PBS Shows Fireworks from Previous Years Due to Weather, Says Nothing On-Air


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<p>In a failure that readers of NewsBusters will undoubtedly not be surprised by, the beloved PBS showing of <em>A Capitol Fourth </em>from the U.S. Capitol on Monday night concluded with a video compilation of previous years fireworks unbeknownst to the TV audience because of the cloudy, dreary weather the D.C. metro area experienced throughout the day.</p>

<p>The taxpayer-funded network began its 2016 fireworks display as<em> The&nbsp;Voice</em> season three winner Cassadee Pope concluded her performance, but when <em>Hamilton </em>star Christopher Jackson returned to play old American tunes such as <em>Seventy-Six Trombones</em> and the National Symphony Orchestra began playing the <em>1812 Overture</em>&rsquo;s finale, the fireworks that broke almost completely above the clouds had been replaced by displays from past years.&nbsp;</p>


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