Facts First? New CNNer McCabe Could Be Indicted for Lying About Leaks

Nicholas Fondacaro | August 26, 2019
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CNN beclowned themselves last week after the hiring of former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe while whining about former Trump press secretaries getting new TV gigs. Well, the self-proclaimed “facts first” network were in for another round of ribbing on social media Monday, after new information surfaced that McCabe could be close to facing federal charges for lying under oath to the Justice Department’s inspector general.

A source close to the matter tells Fox News that federal prosecutors appear close to a decision over whether to charge former FBI Deputy and acting Director Andrew McCabe for lying to investigators,” reported Fox News chief intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge during Special Report.

Herridge reminded viewers that McCabe “was fired last year after the Justice Department’s Inspector General Michael E. Horowitz found he lacked candor under oath over his role in a media leak about the Clinton Foundation case.”

After noting that McCabe “recently joined CNN as a contributor”, she played a soundbite of McCabe telling CNN host and faux tough guy Chris ‘Fredo’ Cuomo he was innocent, back in February.


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