Even During Hurricane Coverage, MSNBC Can't Stop Bashing Trump

Ryan Foley | September 3, 2019
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During special live coverage of Hurricane Dorian, MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle and her panel could not resist taking shots at President Trump. Ruhle slammed the President for engaging in a Twitter fight with liberal actress Debra Messing as Hurricane Dorian pounds the east coast, with Washington Post reporter Phil Rucker complaining that he failed "to put away the petty grievances." As the segment came to a close, Ruhle complained that President Trump was not participating in any Labor Day activities, asking Abby Livingston of The Texas Tribune "What does it say...to that American worker that the President isn't participating in any Labor Day activities?" Ruhle apparently did not realize that President Trump sent out a Presidential proclamation recognizing "the American workers" who are "the heart and soul of our Nation's economic resurgence."

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