Elizabeth Warren to 'Top Economists' Who Criticize Her Plan to Massively Raise Taxes: 'They're Just Wrong!'


As the night moved along Thursday during the PBS NewsHour/Politico Democratic Debate, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) was asked about economists criticisms of her proposed tax hike totaling in multiple trillions of dollars.

"Every candidate on the stage has proposed tax increases on the wealthy," moderator Judy Woodruff said building up to her question. "But you have especially ambitious plans that, apart from healthcare, would hike taxes an additional $8 trillion over the decade - the biggest tax increase since World War II. How do you answer top economists who say taxes of this magnitude would stifle growth and investment?"

Warren had a pretty succinct answer.

"Oh! They're just wrong!" Warren exclaimed to a round of applause.

Watch the video at the top for Warren's full answer. Stay tuned to MRCTV for more debate coverage.

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