Eddie Glaude Jr. On 'Morning Joe': Trumpist Republican Party Should 'Literally Be Burned To The Ground'

Margaret Buckley | June 30, 2022
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Nothing about Roe v. Wade, and nothing about the problems that are pummeling Americans at full force. For Thursday’s Morning Joe edition, it was back to politics’ newest thriller/drama: The January 6 Committee and gushing about Wyoming Congresswoman Liz Cheney’s (R) speech at the Reagan Library where she called on Republicans to no longer be loyal to Trump, but to the Constitution.

A perplexed Mika Brzezinski asked her husband and co-host Joe Scarborough, “is it too late for that choice? For the Republican Party?” When Scarborough spoke, he once again tied religion into his “answer.” “You know me,” he started, “I’m a Baptist.”

He continued on to say that he always believes “in deathbed conversions,” and will “take anything.” However, the Lord will show the Republican Party no mercy in Pastor Joe’s eyes, as he thinks it’s “too late for this Republican Party.”

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