Ed Schultz Finally Apologizes for His Bogus ObamaCare Prediction, Lashes Out at Wash Post

Jeffrey Meyer | March 25, 2014
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Liberal anchor Ed Schultz on Monday finally admitted that his Obamacare prediction from last December was wrong. On December 11, 2013, the Ed Show host prognosticated, "[ObamaCare enrollment is] going to hit five million by March 1st...Five million people signed up by March 1st. Get your tapes rolling at home folks 'cause it's going to be a big 'I told you so.'" On Monday, he conceded, "You know, I've got to apologize...I said some months ago that it was going to be five million people by March 1 and the Washington Post really took issue with that and I apologize tonight." It was the Post's Erik Wemple who first noted the failed prediction and the attempts to cover up the botched claim. The anchor lashed out at the paper.

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