Double-Masked Joy Reid Unleashes Torrent Against Fox News as ‘Hub for Racial Hatred’ (Pt. 1)

Curtis Houck | April 27, 2021
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Check out the link to the full post here on from NewsBusters!

It goes without saying, but MSNBC’s Joy Reid has a serious problem having built a career fomenting disingenuous arguments and racial tensions. Tuesday’s ReidOut provided another entry in as she argued Fox News is “a hub for racial hatred” and “very dangerous, deeply concerning platform” with people like Tucker Carlson who “don't actually care about” kids and refuse to wear two masks like she does despite being fully vaccinated.

Reid has tweeted about how she and her family would continue to double mask and not travel post-vaccination, but she insisted over two teases that “the right” has “launch[ed] dangerous, new attacks on science” and displayed a “hostility to science” that’s “reached a new level of awfulness, targeting those who are taking the pandemic seriously for ridicule and even harassment.”

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