Donaldson Charges ‘Blood on the Hands’ of Trump ‘Enablers’ Including Limbaugh

Brent Baker | November 16, 2020
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Retired ABC News correspondent Sam Donaldson charged on CNN on Sunday that Trump’s “enablers,” including Fox News, Newsmax and Rush Limbaugh, have “blood on their hands” for how they have talked about COVID-19. “If there’s blood on the president’s hands,” Donaldson asserted, “because of his inattention” and blocking information from scientists, “what about the blood on the hands of the enablers in the media who also know better?” Earlier, he asked: “Can you say to the great Rush Limbaugh, ‘you started this. Please recant?’” 

Donaldson also appeared troubled that the first amendment prevents shutting down the voices which he sees as so nefarious. “I believe in the first amendment. I say unfortunately,” he lamented, “but how do you stop these organizations that can make money and also propagate the falsehoods to viewers and listeners who want it?” 

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