Don Lemon Claims Democrats Are 'Centrist Party'

bradwilmouth | February 11, 2020
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JOE LOCKHART, CNN POLITICAL COMMENTATOR: Exactly what's going on right now is what should be going on. We're going to find out who can throw a punch, who can take a punch, and we're going to take the strongest candidate on the field. My worry about Senator Sanders is very specific to the numbers. He doesn't represent a majority of the Democratic party. The Democratic party is a center-left party, not a far-left party. Medicare for All is not popular among Democrats when you take away the private health insurance option.

DON LEMON, HOST: So let me jump in here. I understand that, and I have been saying that, I don't know, for years now since we've had this whole -- well, actually, since 2018 -- since we've had this whole thing about, you know, "the Democrats are moving to the left," and "it's socialist," and on and on and on. And so I've been giving people the facts about the Democratic party that it's actually a centrist party, right? It's actually a more moderate -- most people make up the more moderates. But Bernie Sanders does motivate people. He inspires people. He has an army of people that show up at his rallies. They have 7,500 people tonight. You cannot discount that.

LOCKHART: No, I don't discount it. When I say it's a minority part, it's a very important part of the party because he does bring in new people. He does motivate them. And if he can figure out a way to expand his base to bring in the center of the party, then he'll be a very strong nominee. He just hasn't done much there. But he's got this very high floor. He's going to have 25 to 30 percent of the voters now that Elizabeth Warren seems to have faded a bit and if, you know, while all the moderates all fight each other, the numbers are going to look good for him. But, at some point, it's going to come down to a fight in the party about where we are. And I wouldn't say it the way James Carville said it, but we are a centrist party.

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