Dolores Huerta: The Pre-born Have No Souls

MRC Latino | September 30, 2021
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DOLORES HUERTA: As a Catholic I used to think, as many did, that abortion is a sin. Right, But in reality, given that I've had so many children, I know that the child has no soul until they are born. Right? So, before they are born...and that's something I've struggled with greatly... But they use that whole abortion thing as politics, right? And they use this especially as a politics with which to reach the consciousness of we Latinos, so that we don't understand that this is a politics done by the same people who are opposed to immigration reform, who oppose our stories being told in schools. These are the same people that oppose abortion, right? Abortion, that is a decision for each woman. For each woman and her family, right? This is a very, very private thing and I've said before- as Benito Juárez said, "respect for the rights of others is peace." No politician or priest should tell a woman what to do with her own body. It is the right of each woman to decide what to do with her body, or how many children to have or not to have. 

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