Dollface: "Feminist" -Women's March

Alexa Coombs | November 20, 2019
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There seems to be a trend lately on Netflix, Hulu, et al. Just when you think it’s safe to go into the water and really enjoy a series because there have been no mentions of politics more than halfway in, the liberal political agenda shark suddenly appears and takes a bite right near the end. Such was the case with Hulu’s new quirky comedy Dollface, which went from cute and funny to political and annoying in the ninth episode, where the main characters attend the Women’s March and malign counter-protesters as sexists, bigots and Nazis. This was especially ironic given that the leaders of the Women’s March have had ongoing issues with anti-Semitism.

Dollface is about a woman named Jules (Kat Denning) whose fiancé has broken up with her, leaving her to realize she no longer has any female friendships because she failed to nourish them while spending all of her time with her ex before they broke up.

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