D.L. Hughley Slams 'Anti-Semitic,' Subhuman Trump Supporters

Ryan Foley | July 24, 2019
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During the D.L. Hughley Show Tuesday night, the eponymous host and his panel discussed the "D.L. Question of the Day" on social media asking "could you be friends with a staunch Trump supporter?" The conversation amounted to nothing more than a tirade against President Trump and his supporters. Hughley noted that President Trump is referring to "the Squad" as anti-Semitic before arguing "his supporters are anti-Semitic," adding "he's calling them racist, he's racist...when people committed acts of violence in your name and you don't denounce them and you still support him, you are a vacant human being." After Hughley reiterated the point that it is impossible to be friends with a supporter, co-host Jasmine Sanders argued that "you have, I guess, certain requirements that you have of friends in your circle." According to Hughley, "one of them is to be human," implying that Trump supporters are subhuman.