Disney-Owned ABC Avoids Angering China, Ignores Bipartisan Hearing on CCP Threat

Curtis Houck | March 1, 2023
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The House Select Committee on China held its first hearing Tuesday night on the rising threats posed by the Chinese Communist Party as its seeks to grow its foreign influence and reach global supremacy. The hearing was extremely bipartisan, but despite that rare example of Congress working together, Disney-owned ABC’s Good Morning America chose to stay in the good graces of the dictatorial and genocidal CCP by ignoring it.

Instead, ABC stuck to stories such as King Charles reportedly evicting Harry and Meghan from their Windsor Castle digs, how Shakira is holding up post-divorce, and pondering eight years since the infamous #OscarsSoWhite uproar. In contrast, CBS Mornings and NBC’s Today had a combined eight minutes and 45 seconds on the hearing and comments by FBI Director Chris Wray on FNC’s Special Report in support of the COVID-19 lab leak theory.