DISINFORMATION: Jorge Ramos Spins Biden Stance on Abortion

MRC Latino | October 3, 2020
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JORGE RAMOS: I want to try to understand your decision. So, your support of Trump, then, has more to do with your opposition to abortion than what he has said about immigrants, or women, or his 20,000 lies according to The Washington Post?

EDUARDO VERASTEGUI: Jorge, it would...it would be immoral for me, as a pro-life activist, to vote for Biden- who supports abortion up to 9 months. I couldn't. It would- it goes against my conscience, I couldn't. But look…

RAMOS: Biden does not support abortion up to 9 months.

VERASTEGUI: He's said so himself on several occasions. Just like Kamala.

RAMOS: Not at...not at nine months. Not at nine months, Eduardo.

VERASTEGUI: I'll... Jorge of course (he did). He has said so on several occasions. In fact, (late-term) abortion was legalized in New York last year...nine months. And that really is the Democrats' true intention. To legalize abortion at 9 months throughout the entire country.

RAMOS: And as you saw, Eduardo and I argued over Biden's true position regarding abortion, and that's why we asked the campaign to clarify. Biden's campaign.

 Joe Biden says that he is a practicing Catholic. He says that his religion defines who he is. Regarding abortion, he personally accepts the Church's position that life begins at conception. But he refuses to impose his point of view on others. That's why he supports the Roe v. Wade law that legalized abortion in 1973. Biden has voted for a ban on late-term abortion except when the mother's life is in danger. This is what was sent to us by Vice President Joe Biden's campaign.

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