Disgusting: MSNBC’s Corn, Matthews Rule Action in Syria Is Distraction from Russia Probe


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<p>The Sarin gas attack on Tuesday in Syria was one of the worst atrocities this generation has ever seen, but when it came to the U.S. fighting for those affected, all MSNBC&rsquo;s maniacal hooligans Chris Matthews and David Corn could think of is how any military strikes would distract from the Russia investigations.&nbsp;</p>

<p>Speaking on <em>Hardball</em> to Democratic Congressman Mike Quigley (Ill.) and Corn (who&rsquo;s D.C. bureau chief for the far-left rag <em>Mother Jones</em>), Matthews turned to Corn to hit him <strong>&ldquo;with real cynicism&rdquo; </strong>which was really conspiracy theories.</p>

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