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DICK CHENEY!!! Libs Shift Drone Blame Away From Obama


<p>BILL PRESS (07 March 2013): I hate to pop your bubble, but here’s something we have to remember, President Obama is not going to be in the White House forever, okay there’s going to be someone else sitting there, and some day it’s going to be a Republican and would you really trust a George Bush or a Dick Cheney or a Newt Gingrich or a Herman Cain or a Michelle Bachmann or you name it, or a Rand Paul to use this kind of authority and to have that kind of authority that killing authority here in the United States? No freaking way!<br /><br /><br />---<br />&nbsp;<br />MIKE IN CHICAGO (STEPHANIE MILLER SHOW - 07 MARCH 2013) (30:47): Imagine another Dick Cheney in office <br /><br />STEPHANIE MILLER: Yeah.<br /><br />MIKE IN CHICAGO: and this becomes law. <br /><br />STEPHANIE MILLER: Did you ah read the Maureen Dowd piece about Dick Cheney. <br /><br />MIKE IN CHICAGO: No. <br /><br />STEPHANIE MILLER: Yeah yeah it really is terrifying. There’s a new documentary The World According to Dick Cheney. Have you heard about it?<br /><br />MIKE IN CHICAGO: Yeah I saw the preview of it yesterday. <br />&nbsp;<br />STEPHANIE MILLER: Yeah but now that’s <br /><br />MIKE IN CHICAGO: It’s really scary he has no remorse either. That’s the most unbelievable part. <br /><br />STEPHANIE MILLER: That’s what I mean.<br /><br />JIM WARD: He’s a sociopath, incapable of remorse. <br /><br />STEPHANIE MILLER: Yeah.<br /><br /><br /></p>

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