Deutsch Mocks Trump’s Caravan Concerns, Heilemann Says Trump Wants to Provoke Violence

Brent Baker | November 26, 2018
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On Monday’s Morning Joe, Donny Deutsch held up the cover of the New York Post with a photo of a mother and kids fleeing tear gas, as he mocked President Trump’s threat to use lethal force on the border. Minutes later, John Heilemann charged that, for political advantage, Trump wants to “provoke” a violent confrontation with the caravan in which “one of the troops” has “to shoot someone.”.

From the Monday, November 26 Morning Joe on MSNBC:

Donny Deutsch, mockingly, as he held up the New York Post with picture of a scared mother and her kids:

“There are a lot of dangerous people, starting fist fights. This is really important, look at the lethal force that our armed forces are going to have to use against this mom and her two little kids. I think it’s really important that Trump initiated the lethal force against these kids.”

John Heilemann soon asserted:

“I think what he’s trying to do, more likely, is to actually provoke a confrontation. You pointed at that picture on the front of the New York Post and say these people are not a threat. What a lot of people saw on television last night was the breach in the fence and people pouring through it. I’m not endorsing this, I’m just telling you what Donald Trump is saying. What Donald Trump is saying is that image and a lethal confrontation, he thinks that image will work for him politically. He’s happy to have a situation that’s incendiary, that might lead to the juxtaposition of that image with a military -- a United States military -- one of the troops having to shoot someone if he can provoke one violent confrontation in which someone who is a migrant looks as though they’re engaging in violence against our troops, he thinks that works for him.”

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