DESECRATION: Not Even D-Day Is Spared From ABC’s Pro-Biden Sycophancy

MRC Latino | June 5, 2024
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DAVID MUIR: Meantime, President Biden is here in France tonight, set to deliver an address tomorrow here at the D-Day commemoration. The White House tonight saying he will defend freedom and democracy around the world, and America's leadership on the global stage. ABC's Chief White House Correspondent Mary Bruce is traveling with the president, and Mary, the president expected, of course, to honor the American heroes who died here, who fought here, and who made it home. And why what they did is so important and timely, with what the world is facing right now.

MARY BRUCE: Exactly, David. President Biden arriving here in France today to honor to veterans but, also to underscore the important of American leadership and protecting democracy. Biden is trying to rally allies to help defend Ukraine against Russia, which has been gaining ground. And he will meet with Ukrainian president Zelenskyy while he is here. Ukraine has been using U.S.-made weapons to strike inside Russia. Vladimir Putin today stressing that Russia, a nuclear-armed country will use all means to respond to the west, saying, quote, “if someone's actions threaten our sovereignty, we consider it possible for ourselves to use all the means at our disposal”. And while president Biden's remarks will not be a campaign speech, he has put preserving democracy at the center of this race, and David, he will make clear the sharp contrast with Donald Trump.

MUIR: Mary Bruce, traveling with the president. Mary, thank you.