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Deranged: CNN’s Douglas Brinkley Greenlights Jeff Flake Comparing Donald Trump to Joseph Stalin


See more in the cross-post on the NewsBusters blog.

CNN presidential historian Douglas Brinkley surfaced on Monday afternoon’s CNN Newsroom to reprise his role as a far-left sycophant. This time, he condemned Arizona Republican Senator Jeff Flake’s comparison of President Trump to Joseph Stalin and channeled Kayne West to blast Trump as someone who doesn’t care about the “plight of people that aren't white.”

Host Brooke Baldwin teed up Brinkley by first playing tape of Flake from CNN International’s Amanpour in which he hilariously denied ever comparing Trump to Stalin, correctly pointing out that “Stalin is a killer” while Trump isn’t. The problem is he then defended his comparison in how they supposedly view press freedoms the same way

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