Delusional CNN RAGES ‘Obese Turtle’ Trump ‘Inciting Violence,’ Launching an ‘Attack’ on America

Curtis Houck | November 5, 2020
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Check out the link to the full post here from NewsBusters!

Following President Trump’s Thursday night statement claiming widespread voter fraud, CNN chose not to simply dissect and/or dismantle Trump’s claims with any sobriety. Instead, the apocalyptic network threw one tantrum after the next over how the “flailing” and “obese a hot sun” decided to “attack democracy” and supposedly “incit[e] violence” on what was “sad night for the United States of America.”

AC360 host Anderson Cooper was the worst, coming across like he had prepared zingers for a late-night comedy show monologue in trashing Trump as “the most powerful person in the world and we see him like an obese turtle on his back flailing in a hot sun realizing his time is over, but he just hasn't accepted it and he wants to take everybody down with him, including this country.”

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