Delaney To Bernie: Your ‘Math Is Wrong’

Eric Scheiner | July 30, 2019
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During a debate about Medicare for all, John Delaney told Sen. Bernie Sanders that his math simply didn’t add up.

Delaney and Sanders got heated over the point that Sander’s Medicare For All plan would force hospitals to close.

“His math is wrong. That's all I'm saying. His math is wrong,” Delaney said Tuesday night at Democratic Presidential Debates.

“It's been well documented if all the bills were paid at the Medicare rate, then many hospitals in this country would close. I've been going around rural America and I ask rural hospital administrators one question, if all your bills were paid at the Medicare rate last year, what would happen? They all look at me and say we would close. But the question is why do we have to be so extreme?”

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