Debate Moderator Says Democratic Candidates Are 'Overwhelmingly White'


Towards the end of the first hour of Thursday evening's PBS NewsHour/Politico Democratic Debate, moderator Amna Nawaz brought identity politics into the debate. Nawaz had a question for candidate Andrew Yang concerning the fact that he is the only "candidate of color on the stage."

Nawaz framed the question by saying that the remaining Democratic field, in particular the candidates on the stage, are "overwhelmingly white."

"The Democratic Party relies on Black, Hispanic and Asian voters, but you are the only candidate of color on the stage tonight and the entire field remains overwhelmingly white," Nawaz said, framing her question to Yang. "What message do you think this sends to voters of color?"

For Yang's answer, don't forget to watch the video at the top. Stay tuned to MRCTV for more debate coverage.

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