Debate Damage Control: CNN Says Kamala Was Victim of Racism, Sexism


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Mere moments after the vice presidential debate concluded Wednesday CNN was in full damage-control mode for Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) and the Biden campaign. Prior to the debate, the liberal media was praising how she was going to bring her prosecutorial reputation to bear against the evil Trump administration. But according to CNN’s band of flunkies, Jake Tapper, Dana Bash, and Abby Phillip, she had to curtail herself to meet racist and sexist expectations.

It’s worth noting that after the first Democratic debate last year, when Harris put now-Democratic nominee Joe Biden through the wringer over his position on busing and working with segregationists, CNN swooned for how Harris “commanded the stage” in her “masterful performance.”

In that debate, Harris was going toe-to-toe with multiple opponents at the same time, most of them white men. But suddenly, according to Tapper, she couldn’t hold her own against Vice President Mike Pence because he was a man.


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