Deadline Condemns Trump's Church Plan as Dangerous, Illegal, Political

Alex Christy | May 22, 2020
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[See NewsBusters for more.] The cast of MSNBC Deadline: White House made clear on Friday that they were not fans of President Trump's announcement that he would like the states to declares houses of worship essential. Over the course of just a couple of minutes, Trump's announcement was ridiculed as likely illegal, being full of ulterior motives, and dangerous for public health.

Co-host Brian Williams got the festivities started by telling fellow co-host Nicolle Wallace that the move was constitutionally dubious, after all it isn't like Trump is enforcing integration during the days of Jim Crow, "I'll just set it up before I take my leave to let you bring in our next two guests. Constitutional law specialists sent scrambling figure how he can override individual state governors. This is not Ike or JFK sending in troops or federalizing the national guard the guard to enforce integration in the south."

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