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Dan Rather: No Action On Guns ‘Speaks to Our Lack of Honor and Patriotism’


Following the mass murder shooting in Virginia Beach on Friday, veteran CBS newsman Dan Rather denounced the nation for not enacting gun control measures. On CNN Tonight, Rather called the inaction “despicable” and charged “it speaks to our lack of honor and patriotism.”

Rather, on the Friday, May 31 CNN Tonight with Don Lemon

“This story is not new. This story happens all too often, and the fact that we haven’t done anything really to come to grips with it is -- despicable is the only word that comes to mind. And it speaks to our lack of honor and patriotism, in this sense: This is a national health epidemic. And can you imagine, Don, what it would be, of instead of guns, we had an outbreak of an Ebola epidemic? We the public, we the people, and our political representatives would be behaving in a completely different manner.”

>> This video clipped to illustrate Paul Bedard's June 3 Liberal Media Stream for the Washington Examiner <<

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