Dan Abrams: Kanye's Anti-Semitism Meant to 'Create Right-Wing Brand'

Nicholas Fondacaro | October 18, 2022
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***The complete post is on NewsBusters***

In an appearance with Chris Cuomo on NewsNation on Monday, singer Kanye “Ye” West doubled down on anti-Semitic comments about what he called “the Jewish underground media mafia.” But in the following hour, during his eponymous show, host Dan Abrams suggested that West’s disgusting comments and interest in buying the social media company Parler were strategic movies to “create a right-wing brand.”

Abrams set the tone for his coverage of West by kicking off the show with this question:

Kanye West or Ye will by the right-leaning social media platform Parler after being kicked off Twitter and Instagram over anti-Semitic comments. But isn't this more evidence that he is not mentally ill but just trying to create a right-wing brand?

“But from Kanye’s perspective, it appears he's just doubling down on fringe right-wing positions,” Abrams added a little bit later.


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