'Daily Show' Correspondent Outraged That Focus Group of Trump Voters Still Support Him

Ryan Foley | October 10, 2019
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On Wednesday's edition of The Daily Show, correspondent Roy Wood Jr. convened "a focus group of Trump voters to see if there really are Republicans thirsty for something new." Wood asked the panel "how many of you are concerned by his hesitancy to condemn white supremacy or anything that is racist?" A majority of the voters raised their hands. Wood also asked for a "show of hands if you feel agitated with the way things have gone over the last two, three years." One member of the focus group said "embarrassed" would better describe how he felt about the Trump presidency and a majority of his fellow panelists agreed. Wood tried to market Trump's primary challenger, William Weld, as "Trump zero" to the panel and they were not impressed. Wood still tried to convince them that "Weld's policies were the flavor they're looking for," marketing him as "fiscally conservative, never been bankrupt, doesn't tweet at 3:00 in the morning...hands-off approach to markets...and a hands-off approach to grabbing women's genitals." In spite of Wood's best efforts to promote Weld, no one agreed to take him up on his offer to "stand up if you would consider voting for Bill Weld." Wood asked the panel "how many of you are still open to voting for Trump again in 2020?" They all raised their hands. An outraged Wood exclaimed "but Charlottesville! You just said you're not sure if he knows Nazis are bad."

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