Cupp Blasts Bee’s Scatterbrained Apology of ‘Virtue-Signaling’ With ‘Like a Dozen Different Codicils’

Curtis Houck | June 7, 2018
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Check out the link to the full post here from NewsBusters!

Reacting on Thursday morning’s CNN Newsroom to Samantha Bee’s jumbled apology the night prior on TBS for calling First Daughter Ivanka Trump the c-word, CNN political commentator and HLN host S.E. Cupp took Bee to task for her apology being “couched in like a dozen different codicils” and, worst of all, “virtue-signaling” without a heartfelt apology to Ivanka herself.

Cupp appeared opposite comedienne Heather McDonald, who thought the apology “was really good.” The other part of McDonald’s response left Cupp wearing looks of confusion, which was that it’s the fault of “the censors and her producer and the people at TBS” who didn’t stop her from making the misogynistic slur.

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