Cuomo: There’s a ‘Through-Line’ from Tulsa Massacre to GOP Today

Nicholas Fondacaro | June 1, 2021
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June 1 marked the 100-year anniversary of when a white mob slaughtered roughly 300 black residents of Tulsa’s Black Wall Street neighborhood, known as the Tulsa Race Massacre. It was a terrible day in American history that had never been repeated. But according to ghoulish CNN Prime Time host Chris Cuomo, that kind of hatred was peculating just under the surface of the modern Republican Party. And the evidence was in their election integrity bills and laws.

Despite the fact that most of the whites in that mob that murdered 300 black Americans were more than likely Democrats (the party of Cuomo and his family), he claimed it was the GOP that shared the so-called “through-line” with the event.

And at the same time that we condemn this as obscene, as a reminder of what is wrong, we see in real-time today one of the greatest assaults on democracy underway once again targeting minorities,” he declared. “The party of Trump intensifying its efforts to strip people of color of their rights to vote. The boldest attempt since the era of Jim Crow.”


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