Cuomo Teams Up With Holder: GOP ‘Have to Cheat’ to Get Elected

Nicholas Fondacaro | April 28, 2021
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In a follow-up to his redistricting smears and fear-mongering from earlier in the week, CNN Prime Time host Chris “Fredo” Cuomo teamed up with Obama Attorney General Eric Holder on Tuesday to spread misinformation and lies about Republican redistricting after the Census Bureau determined multiple red states were picking up seats from blue states. And at one point, Holder, who now works for the National Democratic Redistricting Committee laughably proclaimed: “I'm not trying to gerrymander for Democrats.”

Pointing out “the crazy maps … like Maryland's 3rd District, or Texas' 33rd, Illinois' 4th District,” Cuomo’s segment started out as fair. “These maps, as messed up as they look, they're not just proof of politicians, from both parties, playing the same old games. This is why nothing gets done.”

But, of course, things took their usual anti-Republican turn as Fredo parroted his false talking point that Republicans had more representation in national polices than they deserved:

50/50 in the Senate, but remember, the 50 percent of the Republicans, the 50 seats they have, they represent a fraction of the number of people that the Democrats do. The six-seat spread in the House, again, you have a minority with as much almost representation as a much bigger majority. Why? Redistricting.

Now, it’s easy to mock him and suggest he failed high school civics but what he was doing was insidious. The point was to gaslight his viewers about how America’s constitutional republic worked and make it seem like the GOP was cheating to stay in power.


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