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Cuomo Scoffs: Kate Steinle’s Killer Not a ‘Monster,’ Being in U.S. Is Irrelevant


[See NewsBusters for more.] An irritated Chris Cuomo on Wednesday bizarrely scoffed at the idea that keeping the illegal immigrant killer of Kate Steinle out of the country would have saved the young woman’s life. Cuomo also derided talking in a way that painted Jose Ines Garcia Zarate and others as monsters. While discussing Trump administration efforts to thwart illegal immigration, Cuomo complained: “But Kate Steinle has always been a gross misappropriation of the tragedy that ended her life. It doesn't meet with the facts of the situation.” He then ridiculously insisted: “The facts of what happened to Katie Steinle only make sense on one level, which is ‘but for.’ But for that guy being in the country, when he shouldn't have been, she would have never died.” 

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