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Cuomo on Newspaper Shooting: ‘Society...Has Just Decided to Accept This Type of Violence’


Check out the link to the full post here from NewsBusters!

Reacting on CNN’s The Situation Room to Thursday’s unspeakable shooting at the Annapolis, Maryland newspaper The Capital Gazette, Chris Cuomo decreed that, in reference to the lack of gun control, “society that has just decided to accept this type of violence,” that there’s “no real outcry” for shootings like Thursday’s against journalists. 

Speaking to host Wolf Blitzer, Cuomo pivoted from discussing how, at the time, there’s wasn’t a lot known about the shooting to declaring that “[t]here is a familiarity that is somewhat heartbreaking, Wolf, that we have a society that has just decided to accept this type of violence, that there is no real outcry that ever manifests itself in anything happening.”

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