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Cuomo: MI/WI Republicans Are ‘Frauds’, ‘Beneath Contempt’, ‘the Worst’


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CNN host Chris Cuomo was wearing his emotions on his sleeve during his Closing Argument at the end of Thursday’s edition of Cuomo Prime Time. He was raging against Republicans for allegedly not caring about the apparent voter fraud in North Carolina and allegedly trying to “subvert” the will of voters in Wisconsin and Michigan.

Earlier in his show, Cuomo asserted that he was given his prime-time program as part of CNN’s “mandate” to put “facts first”. But he started his closing segment with lies. He suggested the only reason Republicans were interested in voter fraud was that they were using it to stoke fear of the “brown menace.”

“The studies, the legal actions, they all reflect the reality that voter fraud is statistically insignificant,” he declared. “Trump doubles down. Uses your money to form a commission to look into these hollow allegations and is forced to shut it down because it was a sham.” But that was false too. The voter fraud commission was set up to investigate all forms of voter fraud and it was shut down because states refused to turn over the requested data.

Cuomo then used it to springboard into the apparent voter fraud case in North Carolina (click “expand” to read):


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