Cuomo, Lemon Fantasize About Beating up Maskless Guy on the Subway

Nicholas Fondacaro | August 17, 2021
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CNN Prime Time host Chris Cuomo was known for being the network’s faux tough guy; threatening to throw Trump supporters down flights of stairs and glorifying Antifa violence. But on Tuesday, Don Lemon tried his hand at the tough guy routine by suggesting he would “throw hands” with a maskless guy on the New York City subway.

This fantasy throwdown with the maskless was kicked off by Cuomo lashing out at those against mask mandates. “And it's getting better, especially with the vaccines, but when it comes to masks and mask mandates you make it sound like someone is trying to put an … iron helmet on your head. You know, trying to seal up your kids' mouth for the rest of their lives,” he chided.

Lemon followed up by condescendingly comparing masks to sunglasses (obviously missing the point that you don’t need to wear them everywhere and they’re not mandated). “Well, can we look at it like this? I put on my sunglasses because I want to protect my eyes from the sun,” he sneered. “I put on the mask because I want to protect my nose and body from breathing something in that's not good for me. It's the same thing.”


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