Cuomo, Lemon Claim CNN Has ‘News Accountability’ Unlike Fox News

Nicholas Fondacaro | September 29, 2021
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In one of the least self-aware or most disingenuous segments on CNN in a long while, the Tuesday night handoff between Prime Time host Chris “Fredo” Cuomo and late-night host Don Lemon featured the pair suggesting their network had high standards for journalistic ethics that far surpassed those at Fox News. They also suggested that they would never put out lies about people because they had “news accountability.”

Of course, CNN was one of the largest perpetrators of peddling lies and misinformation and these two were among the worst at the network.

Lemon started the ranting by touting how “fired up” he was to discuss how “social media should be regulated.” “You shouldn't just be able to spread things about people that's not true. It has a big influence on someone's livelihood, their credibility, their career, even their lives,” he indignantly proclaimed.


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