Cuomo Lashes Out at 'Rabid Right,' Doubles Down on Killing White Kids

Nicholas Fondacaro | April 19, 2021
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As NewsBusters documented, last Friday, disturbed CNN Prime Time host Chris Cuomo went on a truly unhinged screed about how white kids needed to be killed in order to get movement on gun control and abolishing the police. Unfortunately, Cuomo opened Monday’s show by doubling down on his vile sentiment and lashing out at the “rabid right” that called him out on it, suggesting they didn’t care about black and poor people.

Cuomo re-upped his demented position during his opening monologue by reminding viewers of his wild-eyed tirade from Friday. “Now, I don't know if you were watching Friday night. But I said something that every one of you knows to be true,” he proclaimed, without evidence. “If what we're seeing in these communities were happening to kids in suburbs, to adults in suburbs. If they suffered the same fate as we see too often with these black kids. If they died in policing situations, things would change.”

Continuing with his narrative, he claimed that COVID, the global pandemic that caused the American economy to shut down, wasn’t taken seriously until it was hurting rich folks. Notice how Cuomo started to expand the narrative from just race to class as well.


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